Tax Solutions GH is an online tax portal owned and managed by Efficiensys Business Solutions, a limited liability company incorporated in Ghana with the object of providing Tax, Payroll, Accounting and Business Development Services.

We have created this online tax portal to provide accurate tax information and education with the aim of increasing tax awareness and tax compliance in Ghana.

Over the past few years, the tax landscape in Ghana has changed significantly. Almost all tax laws that existed just three years (2013) ago has been changed, paving the way for more robust tax laws and better tax administration with the sole aim of increasing the tax base, encouraging compliance and improving government revenue.

In 2009, the Ghana Revenue Authority Act  was established to consolidate all the revenue agencies –Internal Revenue Service, Value Added Tax Service, Customs Excise and Preventive Services and Revenue Agencies Governing Board, into one organization. Since then, the Value Added Tax Acts has been changed in 2013, the Income Tax Acts and The Customs Acts were changed in 2015. There is a proposed Tax Administration Bill currently being drafted for onward submission to cabinet and parliament for approval and enactment.

In view of the changes in the tax landscape, the complexities in obtaining tax information and the constant updates and amendments to the tax laws in Ghana, there is the need for a single point of reference where all tax information can easily be assessed and obtained.

Tax Solutions GH is dedicated to providing an online portal that addresses the tax information gap in Ghana. We also have the right mix of expertise in tax, accounting, finance and information technology to help individuals and businesses who may need commercial tax services.

Our services aims to encourage compliance, optimise taxes, implement innovate tax planning and formulate effective tax strategies.

Our Vision                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Our vision is to be the leading tax portal and tax advocacy group in Africa in the next five years. (2021).

Our Mission                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Our mission is to maximize value for our stakeholders through innovative, interactive and informative tax solutions websites, excellent client service and a dedicated team of skilled professionals.

Our Value Proposition                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Our value proposition is to provide accurate tax information and deliver excellent tax service , through information technology, user friendly website and dedicated staff.

Our Core Values                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Integrity: We enshrine ourselves with the quality of being honest and fair. Our integrity and regard for customer’s interest is evident in our priorities. We understand that your personal data related to taxation is confidential and we respect this fact by following a strict privacy policy and non disclosure policies. 

Confidentiality: We  ensure that client information is held confidential and not divulged to a third party without prior consent of the clients and appropriate legislative framework of the Republic of Ghana.

Objective:We provide our professional services based on facts and not influenced by feelings. 

Independence:We ensure that our business activities and processes are not influence by perceived or actual lack of independence. We separate family relations from business relations. We manage our relationship with stakeholders professionally.

Competence:We commit ourselves to continuous professional developments and update our skill base to ensure that we have the competence  to execute any assignment our clients engages us with.

Customer Service:We uphold genuine pure ethics that endear us to provide excellent customer experience to our clients. From our help desk, front desk, tax consultants, management and the board we are dedicated to ensuring that each clients and stakeholder gets an awesome experience in their dealings with us.