Tax is an inevitable part of everyday business. The tax laws in Ghana are becoming increasingly complex. It is becoming very complicated for businesses to keep up with the pace of the changes in the tax laws. A functional desk is going to be quite expensive to handle all the associated tax issues.

Failure to accurately handle and manage organisations tax affairs could lead to penalties, bad publicity, breakdown in operations due to closure of business, unplanned payment of huge sums due to non-compliance among others. Our team of tax professionals have the experience, dedication and the know-how to provide efficient tax solutions to ensure that you are always compliant with the tax laws. We provide holistic tax services which includes;

1.     Corporate Tax Services

2.     Personal Income Tax Services

3.     Indirect Tax Services

4.     Expatriate Tax Services

5.     International Tax Services

6.     Payroll Services


Our spectrum of Corporate Tax Services covers corporate tax compliance and corporate tax advisory services for entities of various types and sizes.

Corporate Tax Compliance

We ensure that you are tax compliant at all times by providing the following services;

·        Review of tax computations

·        Completion and submission of tax returns

·        Monitoring the status of your compliance obligations

·        Communicating with the Ghana Revenue Authority on your behalf to obtain responses and corrective action when necessary.

·        Processing of registration for corporate and business taxes

·        Application for Tax Clearance Certificates

·        Application for TIN numbers for directors and employees

Corporate Tax Advisory                                                                                                                                                                                                          We know that you expect your accountant to help you to pay as little tax as is legally possible. For this reason, we take tax planning very seriously and have devised a full tax planning service for our clients. We work within the ever changing tax framework to ensure that your tax liability is a minimal as it legally can be. We do this by providing the following services;

·        Advising client on matters that specifically impact on their tax situations

·        Evaluating the effects of tax law changes and clearly communicating these to clients

·        Assessing the tax implications of proposed transactions and providing solutions

·        Structuring clients tax affairs

·        Undertaking regular tax health-checks to ensure that our clients are tax compliants



We assist individuals to discharge their tax obligations by proving dedicated Personal Income  Tax Services. We conduct tax checks on their regular activities and assist them with the following services;

1.     Tax advisory to help individuals plan their tax affairs

2.     Completion and submission of individual income tax returns                                                        

3.     Processing of TIN registrations

4.     Application for Tax Clearance Certificates for our clients

5.     Dealing with the tax authority on behalf of our clients 


Indirect taxes such as VAT, customs duty and levies, excise duties, communication service tax, environmental tax, NHIL among others  pose accounting and compliance challenges to many businesses. Tax Solutions Ghana provides the following Indirect Tax Services to alleviate this burden;

·        We undertake VAT health check and advise

·        We prepare and submit VAT returns

·        Deal with the GRA on your behalf

·        We provide customs related services

·        We provide CST services including advise, preparation and filling of returns


The influx of multinational entities in Ghana as a results of the  congenial business environment in Ghana has led to myriad of foreign nationals and businesses expanding  into Ghana. Foreigners are faced with an uphill task of understanding and complying with Ghana’s tax laws. Tax Solutions Ghana has an effective desk to help expatriate to be compliant with the tax laws by providing the following services;

·        Expatriate Personal Income Tax Service

·        Assist in Double Taxation issues

·        Assist clients obtain residence permits

·        Assist in clients obtain regulatory license

·        Assists expatriate in business registration and business permits

·        Obtain Tax Identification Number for expatriate clients

·        Undertake all tax filling for expatriate clients


International tax issues are very dynamic, complex and guarded by numerous state laws and international treaties. Handling international related tax issues require loads of expertise, experience and human capital. We have the expertise to provide the following international tax services;

·        Advising on international tax matters arising from business operations and transactions

·        Tax advice on international mergers and acquisitions services, including due-diligence and post-merger tax implications

·        Repatriation of foreign tax credit planning

·        Assisting with international tax compliance and provisions

·        Transfer pricing services

·        Base Erosion Services

·        Thin Capitalisation advice and planning

·        Undertaking international tax research and publication


Payroll accounting and management which is an integral aspect of financial accounting tends to be complicated and most accounts staff get it wrong. It takes lot of time from accounts staff and put unnecessary pressure when the PAYE and SSNIT deadlines are approaching each month.

 Tax Solutions Ghana has a dedicated payroll desk that can take all the stress and strains from you, freeing you up to focus on running your business. We offer complete payroll service for staff portfolios of any size and take care of all the necessities as is legally required. We establish constant and clear communications between our dedicated staff and your team to ensure constant flow of information , reports and feedback.

Our payroll package includes;

1.     We do all the payroll computations in software and send you a list of employee names and the net payment to be made to each employee.

2.     We provide monthly payroll reports to management

3.     We provide payroll accounting entries to the Head of Finance

4.     We let you know through e-mail, phone or text your monthly PAYE, SSNIT, Provident Fund payments to be made.

5.     We provide a dedicated help desk for all your queries e.g. sickness pay/ maternity pay entitlement and minimum wage levels.

6.     We remit payroll deductions and SSNIT to the respective authorities.

7.     We complete the necessary tax forms and furnish the GRA on your behalf.

·        Monthly PAYE Deductions Return

·        Employer monthly tax deductions schedule

·        Newly employee deductions schedule

·        Disengaged employees schedule

·        Annual PAYE deductions return

·        Employer PAYE deductions return

·        Annual Employees information schedule


As part of our payroll services we provide Employee Provident Fund administration. We undertake the following;

1.      We assist Fund Trustees, Fund Manager and Custodians with all relevant information.

2.     We make monthly contribution on time  to Custodians 

3.     We obtain quarterly fund report from Trustees and ensure that there is value for money in the investments

4.     We obtain regular employee scheme report and ensure that each employees information is accurate.

By outsourcing your payroll to us, you are poised to enjoy the following benefits,

1.     You will have more time to focus on running your business

2.     This will reduce your stress levels as you do not have to worry about all things payroll related

3.     You have assurance that you are doing your payroll correctly

4.     You are confidence that you are in compliance with the tax laws

5.     You save huge sums of money on expensive and complicated payroll software